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The Predictor – LimA software suite is an extremely efficient software package for environmental noise projects. The suite bundles the intuitive Predictor software and flexible LimA software in one powerful, integrated state-of-the-art package that provides the best solution for whichever project you have. Predictor and LimA use the state-of-the-art LimA calculation cores with huge capacity and high calculation speed so that you get results quickly while reducing your investment in computing power.

UK research reveals Predictor-LimA as Fastest Software:
"...LimA was found to be over 5 times faster than the next quickest software..."
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The Predictor-LimA software suite is available in several configurations to match various applications and budgets. All configurations include the intuitive Predictor interface, SourceDB with the Imagine Sound Power database, and Georeference for quickly creating georeference models from aerial photos. All configurations also include dual core support and a model license, allowing modelling with the Predictor system on several linked PCs.