SourceDB is a convenient software for maintaining databases with 1/3 octave sound power levels for industrial sources. The software includes the Imagine database. Sources can be point, line or area sources. Additional information like drive type and industry type can added as well as measurement conditions and pictures. Also formulas can be stored in the database to calculate the sound power level. Without a license the software will run in demo mode in which case the functionality is restricted to viewing existing databases only. With a license the software will run in full mode. In full mode databases can be created and modified and the user can add formulas to the database using a powerful script programming language.

Imagine database
The Imagine database is developed for the European Imagine project and includes industrial noise sources and supplies data for applications in situations where measurement results cannot be used. The sources range from very specific individual noise sources (like a fork lift truck, for example) to sound power levels for types of industry as a whole. Next to this data, formulas can be found that can be used to predict sound power levels based on power consumption, rpm, etc.

Additional functionality is offered in combination with the Predictor Type 7810 software. All Sound power levels can be copied from SourceDB directly into the Predictor software.