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Support and services for noise mapping projects

Mapping large areas needs both skills and calculation power. Softnoise has built up a lot of experience in the area of noise calculation software, data processing and mapping large areas. To shorten the time to deliver and enable high quality noise maps for the coming round of EU noise maps, Softnoise provides several services to support customers.

Data processing

We perform your spatial data processing in preparation of setting up the noise models. To ensure speed and high quality, automated tasks are put into place. Automation is done by either customizing the software or by putting macro’s to work. Deliverables of this service are one or more noise models ready to be used in your noise calculation software.

Check model

Your noise model is extensively verified to check completeness, correctness, consistency and if it’s in line with domain requirements of the used calculation software. Corrections and improvements of the noise model are proposed first and applied when agreed on. This check is performed by a team of application specialists and noise experts.

Calculate model

Have your noise models calculated on our grid computing facility. We take the model from you, perform the required calculations and send the results back. To ensure short calculation times we use the latest technology in distributed and parallel computing highly optimized for speed. All common calculation standards are supported by our software.


By using your calculation results, population data, spatial data and other statistical data, we perform specific analyses and deliver the results. Some examples of deliverables are: derived data sets (such as addresses with noise levels), accumulated maps, noise exposed area and the mandatory data as required by the EC.


We can host a range of solutions for making your noise map and analysis publicly available. We are able to provide a complete website as a product, integrate it in your corporate website or host it for you on our IT infrastructure. Style and lay-out of the website are adjusted to customers’ cooperate style.

Support and training

We can provide additional support and training specific on noise mapping projects and services. Focus is on EU legislation, noise mapping process and noise mapping software.