Predictor-LimA Cloud Calculation Service 

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Fast calculations, work anywhere

The Predictor-LimA Cloud Calculation Service enables the use of the new fully automated cloud calculation option in Predictor V2021. It provides you with fast and secure calculations without any investments in hardware or IT. Cloud calculations can be used anywhere and by multiple users at the same time, no HASP key needed. The service uses a modern and secure ISO 27001 certified scalable infrastructure and has been developed especially for large models and EU noise mapping projects.

Free trial license

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Why Cloud Calculation Service

  • Can be used anywhere by multiple users. From home, the office or any other location. No HASP key needed
  • Fast calculations using a modern and secure ISO 27001 certified scalable infrastructure
  • No investment required in additional hardware and IT
  • Normal use of Predictor including local calculations during cloud calculations
  • No performance loss on local PC when performing cloud calculations
  • Local PC can be turned off. The user is notified per email when the calculation is finished
  • Just as easy to use as local calculations