Predictor-LimA – introduction and tutorial videos

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Recorded webinars

Predictor-LimA introduction

Noise Prediction and Mapping

GIS and CAD data import

The CNOSSOS method

The CNOSSOS workflow

Predictor Cloud Calculation

Introduction videos

Predictor introduction

New Analyst method in Predictor

iNoise in 5 minutes

Tutorial videos – Predictor and iNoise have the same GUI

1: Overview iNoise GUI

2: iNoise Model Manager

3: How to calibrate a background bitmap

4: Georeference a grabbed image from Google Earth

5: Entering items manually

6: Editing properties of items

7: Group manager

8: Importing items from SHP

9: Importing items from DXF/DWG

10: Terrain model

11: Calculations and calculation settings

12: Horizontal and vertical contours

13: Export to Google Earth

14: Emitting facades

15: Modelling underpasses and overhanging roofs

Example videos


Cumulating noise maps

Importing CAD and GIS files

Excavation in a terrain model

Wind turbines

Indoor-outdoor calculation

Bridge over valley

Fly over

Construction noise

Emitting facades and moving sources