Predictor-LimA – introduction and tutorial videos

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Introduction videos

Predictor introduction

New Analyst method in Predictor

iNoise in 5 minutes

Tutorial videos – Predictor and iNoise have the same GUI

1: Overview iNoise GUI

2: iNoise Model Manager

3: How to calibrate a background bitmap

4: Entering items manually

5: Editing properties of items

6: Group manager

7: Importing items from SHP

8: Importing items from DXF/DWG

9: Terrain model

10: Calculations and calculation settings

11: Horizontal and vertical contours

12: Export to Google Earth

13: Emitting facades

14: Modelling underpasses and overhanging roofs

Example videos


Cumulating noise maps

Importing CAD and GIS files

Excavation in a terrain model

Wind turbines

Indoor-outdoor calculation

Bridge over valley

Fly over


Construction noise

Emitting facades and moving sources