Softnoise starts direct sales of Predictor-LimA licenses

Jan 13, 2020 | News

As of 1st of January 2020, Softnoise starts direct sales of 1-year rental licenses to end-users for Predictor-LimA. This makes Softnoise the first worldwide on-line provider of rental licenses on quality assured environmental noise prediction software for Authorities, Consultants, Industries and Educational institutes. Support is provided directly by Softnoise. Prices start at 495 Euro per year. Starters and educational institutes can also decide to use the iNoise Free software for 0 Euro per year. iNoise has the same GUI as Predictor.

Benefits 1-year rental license for Predictor-LimA

  • Most intuitive and powerful software on the market
  • ISO 17534 Quality Assured (e.g. ISO 9613 and CNOSSOS)
  • Very competitive pricing, starting from 495 Euro per year
  • Updates and upgrades included
  • Basic support included
  • Network modelling option included
  • Direct support from Softnoise

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