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The Predictor-LimA software suite is available in 5 configurations to match various applications and budgets. All configurations include the intuitive Predictor interface, SourceDB with the Imagine Sound Power database, Georeference for quickly creating georeference models from aerial photos and the wind turnine catalogue. All configurations also include a network modelling license, allowing modelling and calculation with the Predictor system on all PCs linked to the network.

Configuration overview
Product namePredictor StandardPredictor PlusPredictor-LimA StandardPredictor-LimA PlusPredictor-LimA Advanced
Price per year€ 495€ 995€ 1.495€ 2.695€ 3.895
Calculation Methods*All Predictor methods excluding CNOSSOSAll Predictor methods excluding CNOSSOSAll Predictor and LimA methodsAll Predictor and LimA methodsAll Predictor and LimA methods
Model Size**StandardPlusStandardPlusAdvanced
Supported Calculation cores***24248
Predictor Software (incl. Analyst method)
LimA Software
Acoustic Determinator (Type 7816)ΟΟΟ
LimA Aircraft Module BZ-5441ΟΟΟ
LimA Graphic User Interface BZ-5700ΟΟΟ
√ included
– not included
Ο optional add-on

*implemented calculation methods

**Model size (maximum calculation size per model without tiling)

  • Advanced
    not limited for Predictor when using the ISO 9613, DAL32 and RMR-RM2 methods. For all other methods in Predictor and all methods in LimA the size is 200,000 emittors and 1,000,000 obstacle or terrain edges. For LimA 64 bit the advanced model size is increased to 437,500 emittors and 2,187,500 obstacle or terrain edges;
  • Plus
    12,000 emittors and 60,000 obstacle edges and 1,000,000 obstacle or terrain edges
  • Standard
    4,000 emittors and 20,000 obstacle edges and 1,000,000 obstacle or terrain edges

The maximum number of logical processors (cores) used for the calculation. For additional cores, contact Softnoise.

Softnoise USB HASP key

For using Predictor or Predictor-LimA, a EMS/B&K or a Softnoise USB HASP key needs to be inserted in an USB port of the computer on which the software will be used. Customers that originally purchased Predictor-LimA at Brüel & Kjær or at EMS Brüel & Kjær and do not have a valid maintenance agreement with EMS can use their existing EMS/B&K HASP key. When ordering Predictor-LImA without ordering a Softnoise HASP key please provide your EMS/B&K HASP ID number on the checkout page in brackets after the name of your company, for instance “MyCompany (HASP ID)“.

Basic Support (Included)

Free upgrades and questions regarding installation are included in the 1-year rental fee.

Premium Support (Optional, 395 euro/year)

Questions regarding the use of the software as well as model reviews on data consistency and obvious modelling errors are handled within Premium Support. Premium Support includes in total 3 hours of support. This includes answering support questions by email, model reviews and on-line Q/A sessions. A model review will result in a list of findings and recommendations from our experts. We recommend all new users of Predictor-LimA to include Premium Support for the first year. It will speed up the learning process and it will increase the quality of your models.

Premium support can be purchased in combination with a license at the same time or separately at a later moment. To purchase Premium Support separately please visit our webshop here.

Online training

Online training can be purchased in units of 3 hours. We recommend to start with 3 hours. As preparation for an online training the trainee is asked to supply a list of subjects and/or questions. We will group the items on the list in sections that belong to each other. The training will be done based on the list. The training will be given in separate sessions of 1 hour. Every session will be recorded and send as a mp4 file directly after the session. A maximum of 1 session per day will be given. In this way the trainee has time to digest the information and come up with new subjects/questions to be put on the list. Online training can be purchased in our webshop.