Predictor Analyst

Since Predictor version 2019 Predictor Analyst is included in all Predictor configurations as the new Analyst method. The method has advanced GIS-like functionality for accumulation, presentation and analysis of noise maps. Results in x,y,z format can be read in from any prediction software packages, such as Predictor, Lima, Geonoise, LimAarc etc. The results are structured per period (day, evening, night) and per type of noise (industry, road traffic, rail traffic, air traffic and shipping). Based on a fast triangulation algorithm, colour-filled contours can be shown per individual type of noise or accumulated. In this way the combined result of several noise types can be shown. The LDEN is automatically calculated based on the input per period. Also, the number of people and dwellings exposed to noise can be calculated using point or polygon-shaped files with postcode address information. The Analyst method enables the user to obtain data that is required according to the EU Environmental Noise Directive, without the need to use an expensive GIS system.

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