LimA V2023 released

Dec 28, 2022

This version contains the following improvements:

  • CNOSSOS-EU method: improvements for better handling of national interpretations of the EU Directive, eg regarding exposure statistics, and for correctly modeling railway bridges
  • RLS19 German road method: improvements for easier managing of national and CNOSSOS variations of the same project such as workflow support and building reflection losses
  • Speed improvements through a range of enhancements, which is important when dealing with larger models and more complex methods such as CNOSSOS-EU
  • More powerful determination of the most influential sources (now >1), ¬†using VARIAT MAX_SRC, for easier model analysis
  • Bug fixes
  • Diverse specific enhancements that may be important or useful for specific projects

All modifications are described in the readme file.

For LimA Version V2023 a new license file is needed. Users with valid maintenance can download their new license files at the support portal.

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