Predictor V2023 released

Dec 28, 2022

In this version new calculation options for CNOSSOS-EU have been added and the functionality for Wind Turbines has been further improved following the guidelines of the IOA-GPG to ETSU R-97. New import and export options for ESRI File Geodatabase (*.gdb), GeoPackage-file (*.gpkg) and GML-file (*.gml) have been added. Also the model info now supports the EPSG code of the local coordinate system. This allows coordinate conversion while importing items from a  file (e.g. SHP file) that has a different EPSG code. An option to lock and unlock a model (read-only) has been added to the quick links tab page of the side bar. This provides the user the option to protect the results of a calculated model.  All modifications are described in the readme file.

For Predictor Version V2023 new license files are needed. Users with valid maintenance can download their new license files at the support portal.

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