Discontinuation of Predictor

Nov 1, 2023

The partners of Softnoise, DGMR Software and Stapelfeldt, have decided to fully focus on their own products iNoise and LimA. Therefore, at the end of next year, in December 2024, the development, maintenance and support on Predictor will be discontinued. The development, maintenance and support on LimA will continue and will migrate to Stapelfeldt. At the start of 2024, Softnoise plans to release Predictor V2024 and LimA V2024. For Predictor this will then be the final major release. All current users of Predictor-LimA have been informed and are offered an option to migrate to iNoise from DGMR or to LimA/LimAQ from Stapelfeldt. If you are a Predictor-LimA user and you have not yet been informed please contact us at info@softnoise.com.

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