iNoise V2024 from DGMR released with new CNOSSOS-EU add-on option

Nov 1, 2023

iNoise, available from our partner DGMR Software, is intuitive and quality assured software for calculations of noise in the environment from industry, roads and railways according to the CNOSSOS-EU, ISO 9613 and Harmonoise methods and the recommendations of ISO 17534. iNoise has the same look and feel and identical menu options as Predictor. iNoise supports CNOSSOS-EU, ISO 9613, Harmonoise and Analyst and has the same data format as Predictor so Predictor models can be reused in iNoise. Acoustic Determinator functionality is included through iNoise’s Source Explorer. iNoise is available in 3 configurations, Free, Pro and Company. The Company configuration allows multi-person modelling and calculation. Depending on the configuration, iNoise can handle small, medium and large projects ranging from industrial and wind turbine sites to large scale city noise mapping projects.

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